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e the best of what is currently available for energy storage▓ -- batteries, which hold a lot of energy but charge slowly, and capacitors, which charge quickly but hold little energy.The materials must be able to withstand bo▓th high power and high energy to avoi

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elop energy storage, known as nanoporous materials,▓ look solid to the human eye but contain▓ microscopic holes that give them un▓ique properties. To develop possibly better ▓nanoporous materials, the current method, involving arranging minuscule grains of silica of different sizes in a m▓old, filling the mold with a solid substance and then dissolving the grains to create a material c▓ontaini

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ng many small holes, requires extensi▓ve planning, labor, experimentation and modifications, without guaranteeing the end result will be the best possible option."We developed a model that▓ would allow materials chemists to know what to expect in terms of performance if the grains are a▓rranged in a certain way, without going through these experiments," said Tartakovsky, whose mathematical mode

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ling research spans neuroscience, urban ▓development, medicine and more. "This framework also shows that if you arrange your gra▓ins like the model suggests, then you will get the maximum performance."As an Earth scientist and professor of energy resou▓rces engineering, Tartakovsky is an expert ▓in the flow and transport of porous media. Notifyi▓ng that energy is just one industry▓ that makes us

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